The most popular group among candies extremely strong and refreshing taste. They are made of candy mass with the addition of aroma and color and topped with the sugar syrup. They impress with its textured appearance. Make a break with our sweet refreshments.

Boke menthol

Menthol-flavored candies.
Filling 100g.

PePe menthol

Menthol-flavored candies.
Filling 80g.

PePe white menthol

White menthol-flavored candies.
Filling 80g.


Rocky – do you want one stone? Do not worry, these stones are edible! Even so easy to melt in your mouth… So refreshing… Yes, because of the menthol and because it was made with a special technique that only we know! But here, we’ll discover the secret: cook and shape pieces of the candy mass, cover them with sugar and flavor with the addition… And you can step into the „New Stone Age“.

Rocky – bag

Autentic hard menthol. Flavored candies 80g


Pressed candies are based on sucrose, dextrose, and stabilizers, which are added flavors, colors, vitamins… The resulting mixture is homogenized into a fine powder mass that forms under pressure. Traditional refreshing taste of peppermint, sweet taste of strawberry and mint intense flavor represent a unique group of products.


Pressed candies with peppermint. Flavour 28g


Pressed candies with strawberry. Flavour 28g


Sugar-free compressed candy with sweeteners. Flavour 28g


Pressed candies with orange. Flavour 28g


Refreshing candy characterized by intense content of filling, with various flavors. A unique blend of textures and fillings, make this candy extremely high qualitative and tasty. Friends, enjoy the sweet taste that we have chosen especially for you…

Milky Dream

Hard candies with milk. Filling 100g


Hard candies wit cacao-cream. Filling 100g

Uzmi dve-Strawberry

Hard candies with strawberry
Filling 100g

Uzmi dve – Lemon

Hard candies with lemon.
Filling 100g

Uzmi dve – Orange

Hard candies with orange.
Filling 100g

Uzmi dve – Blueberry

Hard candies with blueberry.
Filling 100g

Fruit mix 90g

Hard candies with strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon.
Filling 90g

Fruit mix 300g

Hard candies with strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon.
Filling 300g

Fruit mix 500g

Hard candies with strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon.
Filling 500g