D.O.O „Paracinka“ was founded in 1924. as a small workshop, entitled „Braten“ which produced Turkish delight, jelly and candy.


The company was known as a manufacturer of high quality candies and Turkish delight as with the habits of consumers and the production is almost entirely performed manually . In particular stood out with its quality Turkish delight, which was the official supply of the royal palace and monastery Hilandar monks. For the quality of its products the company has received numerous awards and medals.


In the post-war period, the company has gone through several transformations in accordance with the models of ownership and organization, that starting in 1977, continued operating as an independent organization with full responsibility .


Since 1990, the company was one of the first among the companies in the confectionery industry, it operates as a holding company, and then as a joint stock company with mixed capital, in which the majority of shares owned by employees as shareholders. Since 2011, the company continues to operate as a public limited company in private ownership in majority of ” SILBO ” d.o.o. Belgrade.


D.O.O ” Paracinka ” today produces confectionery products in the range, which includes the production of a wide range of chewing gum, and producing all kinds of candies (hard candies, filled hard candies) and, lollipops, pressed candies, and Turkish delights. Production processes are still relying on proven technologies and formulations, knowledge and experience of staff to be transferred generationally, aligned with HACCP quality system. Decades of existence, the continued presence in the market with a distinctive quality products and brands that have been “socialized” with many generations is sufficient to justify the image of a company with a long tradition and one of the oldest companies in the confectionery industry in Serbia.